Meeting Session

Venus Printing is proud of the creative and pleasant work environment it had formed. It allows for a comfortable setting for its valued clients to meet and discuss ideas and plans with the designers and staff with results in on end product that both the client and Venus will be proud of. Venus offers solutions to its clients making sure the client receives the highest quality product and service in the market in the timeliest manner.


Venus designers are highly skilled and professional. Their creatively coupled with the most advance design technology in the optimum of designs.

Venus gives you options to choose from in designs as well as printing techniques and materials.

Meta Dimension

Meta Dimension is a job ticket driven workflow concept with a rich assortment of features. Meta Dimension fulfils all the requirements for a powerful RIP of the newest generation to process. PDF documents and Adobe PostScript level 3 data. The RIP functions can be extended on modular basis to a workflow system by additional options like color management, proofing OPI, trapping and all of Heidelberg screening systems. Meta Dimension operates on a standard platform using the Windows operating system.


Stripping (Montage) is another manual operation that is being replaced by electronics. This process was checking the film out-put form the image setter to check the screen density, rolling, angels and also checking the registration marks of each color.

Plate Making

Venus uses an efficient and advanced process of photo mechanics and plate making. Photo mechanics is the widely used process for making printing plates. It uses light sensitive coating an the change characteristics when exposed to light, thereby separating image areas from non-image areas. Meta plate is chemically sensitized to accept ink and in the image areas.

Plate Punching

Our plate punching is also made of high quality steel, punching all the plates before loading, a process that bends it properly on the bottom side of the plate. This machine is set it automatically inside the machine. The press machine helper then prepares the plate to get ready for loading.

Fixing Plate

Venus uses a process of plates fixing on the machine by using Automatic and hydraulic power. The plate carries the image and non- image areas. The metal that has been chemically sensitized to accept ink and repel water that image areas, non image areas accept water and repel ink.

Loading Paper

Paper must be jogged properly before loading it on the machine, otherwise it will cause a problem on machines feeder and can cause also paper crimping resulting to paper spoilage. All offset operations and offset helper must be careful every time loading the paper.

Ink Loading

Ink has a four color process, Cyan Magenta, Yellow and Black. It manually loads by the press machine helper in normal sequences and also in an orderly process. Its unit well represents each color of the ink. Ink is mixed half hour to avoid sticky or dry ink.

Setting Machine

There are many steps in setting up a machine for printing; first, you have to check first the condition of machines. Next, you must check the setting of machine that will come next before running, finally, on Operator must be sure if all the settings of machine are in accordance with the required standard of the machine & the job to be printed.

Machine Setting

Venus uses the HEIDELBERG speed master- 102, 4 colors machine with a maximum speed of 15,000 Impressions per hour. The maximum size of paper feeding is (70 x 100 cm) with also fully Automatic adjustment by screen soft touch on screen that has CP2000 monitor. The Operator sets the machines and prepares if for mass production

Checking / Setting Colour Density

This section deals with the more traditional proofing methods, measuring the correct ink density of each and every color to get the approved color proof. Here we are using a pen type of densitometer to balance the ink.


ST 100 online works for saddling the books with an option of automatic gathering unit. It is the highly modified equipment from HEIDELBERG in terms of stitching & Gathering. The another essential advance feature for his machine is it’s special trimming init at it’s end, which result the final material.


The lamination machine used at Venus does a high quality of Glossy and Matt plastic lamination, using rubberized form rulers with maximum impressions, This kind of machine was made of high quality steel fabrication with a maximum size of (100 x 70cm) and the maximum size is (15 x 20 cm) paper sized you can feed.

Polar Cutting

Paper cutting is done on power cutter using hydraulic clamps and blade. Back guides on the cutter may be split so that multiple cutting can be made from a set sheet size. This machine can be programmed with memories to make a number of cuts without stopping for different guide adjustment.


Most die-cutting for commercial printed piece is done on the platen. This machine dies are made from high quality steels rules bent to the required image shape and mounted in ¾ cm plywood. They can also make a hot foil stamping on the kind of machine.

Quick Binding

To assure a better service in books, Magazines & reproducing, we are using the most moderns perfect binding machinery.

Venus under One Roof

Venus combines modern machinery and high tech production under one roof to produce superior product and service

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